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For Your Business

Connecting your business & the environment.

If sustainability isn’t a priority with your business, it might be time to re-evaluate your goals. Going green is no longer a trend but a lifestyle a growing number of consumers won’t sacrifice. More than three-fourths of consumers today, 78 percent, purchase green products and services. Small businesses need to do more than reach environmental compliance; they need to make efforts toward sustainability beyond that to garner the attention of today’s more eco-conscious consumer. As the shift toward sustainability grows, it will become more and more important for your business to offer the values and products desired by consumers. If you’re not willing to give your customers what they’re looking for, you run the risk of losing your customer base to your competitor. It’s in your best interest to get the competitive edge today by focusing on how you can make your company a more sustainable business. We will prove the value of making sustainable changes to your small business, showing you a path to increase your customer retention, boost your bottom line and improve your brand reputation

Why Green your business

  • Create Sustainability Committee
  • Measuring your current business practices
  • Setting goals for reduction
  • Green Marketing & Branding