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Massachusetts Electricity prices to soar

Important Notice

Important Notice

How much is your electric Bill $100, $200 or even Higher?

Now Raise it! AGAIN


YES It’s official  & National Grid Electric is warning customers that their rates will raise again (right now you are paying 16.71¢/kWh) in Jan 2015 you WILL BE paying 21.976 ¢/kWh in Jan/Feb & (Just think you were paying only 8.28¢/kWh just a month ago) with no signs of rates coming down anytime soon, so I have been very busy trying to lock people into a low 3 year fixed rate that uses either 50% or 100% renewable sources.. 
Let us lock you into low fixed rate @ 13.49¢ so you can get instant savings & price certainty today. This rate is going to change 12/31/2014 so act fast.. any questions email ..

Please Hurry this rate will change on  December 31, 2014. 

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